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I had two cell phones with Qwest. One was under contract and the other wasn't. I moved to Ca., in the Mojave Desert, where my phone (under contract) did not work.

I could have sent this phone back to Denver where my son was living (with the phone that was no longer under contract); and cancelled his, to save me the $200 fee.

My son kind of wanted to keep the same phone number; which we actually could have done with the exchange. So I went ahead and cancelled mine and paid the fee.

Qwest SCREWED UP!......They sent me back the $200 (in check form), which I then had to mail back to Denver, to my bank, and wait for it to clear. As soon as it did, I had to mail another check to Qwest with the new bill that came in. I sent MOST of the amount, and they shut my son's phone off.

Now remember, this phone is no longer under contract.

I called Qwest and told them to cancel service to the phone. After I was transfered 4 times higher up the ladder; I was told that they cannot cancel it until my bill is paid in full. In the mean time I'm still being charged for the three weeks that he has not been able to use it!

I had been a customer of Qwest forever, with my home phone, cell phones, and computer.

I always paid my bills on time!

I cannot believe this is the way they do business with loyal customers!

I told them that I would let EVERYONE know!


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