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I had Qwest service for twenty years and never had a billing problem(I pay by bill pay thru Wells Fargo). Since Centurylink took over I have billing problem for the last two months, I give up talking to customer service people(they have the dumbest customer service people I've ever spoken to.

I'm about ready to dump them.I advise anyone who has Century Link service to look for another internet or phone service, if you have a problem it won't be resolved in a timely manner without going through five or six managers. Also they are increasing their service fee $2.99 per month beginning March 2012...


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I two have had a problem and some how

Century link thinks its okay to turn off

my verizon phone, They tell me the billing

is already past due when it comes out cause

verizon is late on their billing to Century

link... NO disconnect notice is given,

beware when you combine your billing Century

link will not notify you. I suggest small claims court

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