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I have been trying for a month to get Century Link to agree to a weekend appt. to add Internet to my phone service. I have called customer service, technical support and live chat to get no further than I began the conversation. I have basic phone service with Century Link for the past 7 years. The service is at a vacation home which we visit only 4 times a year and use the phone only as gate access for our visitors. Now that we plan to go more... Read more

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been a "Loyal" customer for many years every month since getting centurylink Internet we have had to call them every month because they tell you that they have this promotion or that promotion going on and that your bill will be locked in for three years at $34 dollars and then you get the bill and its $100.00 and you call and complain and they say well 2 of your promotions dropped off and that there is not LOCK-IN promotions. (says locked in... Read more

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  • Jul 06, 2015
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They are an overpriced and poor service i do not recommend them to anybody customer service is lousy as well.

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I complained and they came and went up the pole and for 2 days actually had the 6mg is should have and now back 2 mg short lived on fix when can you get consistent I call every week or 2 and you put on a Band-Aid and then crummy again! So tired of this and of course never a credit for the horrible service when I pay for faster speeds even rented their router as they said that was the first problem but my old router worked fine. Tired of calling... Read more

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Incessant telemarketing calls... Three time today alone. On third call I finally picked up. Sine he had such a heavy accent, sounded like he was from India, I decided to respond to his questions in French, Spanish, and German. He became very frustrated and I finally told him "I live in NY where QWEST doesn't offer services, look at map of the United States and never call me again." I know it's wrong, but Seems to be the only way you can get... Read more

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I had Qwest/centuryLink connect my land line and internet march 2013. The landline never worked, I disconnected, canceled my account within 20 days, paid $96 for service that never worked, sent my modem back. A month later I get a bill for $311. After hours on the phone with Qwest the billing errors were corrected. They never listed the disconnect order, although my number had been ported to comcast and Its now Sept 2013 and I'm receiving... Read more

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Wow, where to start. I have had problems with internet and Qwest Century Link for several months. I am a physician, and internet is critical to study, and research patient problems. We used the MSN DSL for greater than eight years with no problems. Recently Century Link Qwest took over the DSL apparently, politics I do not know or care to know. I called them over ten times, and they never fixed the problem. It is a one eight hundred number, and... Read more

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Just like I said, You name it and they do it wrong. The latest.. You have to laugh or cry. I purchased a modem from "Qwest" 3 years ago" I cancelled service and went with another provider for the last 2 1/2 years. 6 months ago I went for the 19.95 internet deal. This week 9-5-2012 I purchased new phone service since I moved to a low cell phone reception area. I was promised Internet/telephone filters. Long story and 5 calls and 12 department... Read more

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Noticed on my last CHARTER bill that my long distance was changed to Qwest. Since I did not request this change, I called Charter to find out how this could happen. Charter had no clue how Qwest changed my long distance service and also said that it was ILLEGAL!!!! Charter changed my long distance back & clearly stated NOT to pay anything to Qwest if they send a bill. I would not have paid them anything anyway. Charter turned it over to a... Read more

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The Company was great and helpful at first. Then after a week Qwest/CenturyLink stopped giving me a proper connection. I was unable to connect to the internet for more than five minutes and it constantly was slower than what was promised upon sign up. On top of which when I went to complain every-time the customer service representative line in charge of customer complaints had an "error" and failed to dial through my call making it impossible... Read more

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